LONG: Grateful for ‘opportunity’ this Thanksgiving season

Were entering the season of thankfulness. And while were grateful for so many things — family and friends, a roof over our heads, enough food to eat, and much more — this Thanksgiving season I cant help but think about a word Ive heard over-and-over again from families in our state. 



There are hundreds of thousands of our neighborhoods across the great state of North Carolina who dont have opportunity. Specifically, who dont have opportunity to get a great education. 

Thankfully, that number is far lower than it would have been due to the N.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program. These scholarships provide up to $4,200 each year for low-income and working-class families to attend the private school of their choice. Oftentimes, these families are escaping their locally zoned school that isnt serving their needs. 

Currently, just a sliver of North Carolina’s state budget (about $51 million out of $24 billion) goes to support scholarships for low-income families and those with students with special needs. While supporters of the educational status quo so ardently focus on ending these programs, they wont stop to listen to the families who benefit from them. 

Families like these: 

  • Ashley from Fayetteville:My 7th grader struggled in public school all through elementary and at the beginning of middle school. But after getting the Opportunity Scholarship, her grades have improved, and she is happier and more social. 
  • Amy from Charlotte:Im so thankful for the Opportunity Scholarship — it has allowed a safer and better academic environment for my child. 
  • Mary from Greensboro:Without the Opportunity Scholarship Program, my special-needs son would be back in public school with no friends, no social interactions, in the back of the class, and picked on. He finally has friends now. 
  • Maggie from Fayetteville:My son was in a public school that tore him down mentally. Now, thanks to the Opportunity Scholarship Program, he is thriving, happy, and excited to go to school. 
  • Lakesha from Winston-Salem:I appreciate the Opportunity Scholarship Program because it has given my children a chance to learn in a bully-free, non-judgmental environment. 
  • Brandi from Greensboro:Im grateful for the Opportunity Scholarship Program so that my child can attend a school where hes no longer bullied and falling behind. 

The bottom line is that we, as a state, need to empower parents to make the best decision regarding their childs education. We need to give them the freedom to choose. After all, who knows better than the parent? 

It might surprise some to know that Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC) is very much pro-public schools. Im a product of Durham County schools myself. Members of our staff specifically choose to send their kids to local public schools. For most families in N.C., public schools are the right choice. 

Our goal at PEFNC isnt to dismantle public education but to make it better — reflecting a 21st-century reality. We want to give all families in N.C. the opportunity to attend the school of their choosing. 

Theres that word again: opportunity. This Thanksgiving, lets be thankful that well over 10,000 hard-working N.C. families now have an opportunity thanks to the Opportunity Scholarship Program.