SAINE: Will NC Democrats grab your guns in 2019?

Jason Saine speaks to reporters at the N.C. General Assembly
FILE: Jason Saine speaks to reporters at the N.C. General Assembly

Leftist Democrats in the North Carolina General Assembly are full of new and innovative ideas these days.

The blue wave has left us with a cesspool of liberal activism, both legislative and judicial, and goes to lengths that are far beyond most in our state have ever seen. With socialism being en vogue among national level Democrats, state Democrats are moving us quickly in the direction of a police state and mimicking policies coming from the West Coast.

House Bill 86, or the “Gun Violence Prevention Act,” is the latest attempt by the far left to take away your rights under the law when it comes to the ownership of firearms.

The proposal is still just that, a proposal, but it is one that should strike fear in the hearts of every law-abiding gun owner in the state, and it has very little to do with what the title of the bill purports.

Much like their mission to eliminate choices in health care, the far-left attempts to first drive the cost of owning any firearm beyond reason. Yes, that’s right, the limousine liberals will simply make the cost of owning a gun far more expensive so that only the very wealthy will be able to afford a gun.

They do this by first requiring you to have a $100,000 liability insurance policy on all of your guns, and you must have such a policy in place before you even make your next purchase. Which, by the way, will have you waiting 72 hours to purchase, give away or transfer.

Think liberals will not then use interest groups and public protests to discourage insurance companies from this type of liability insurance? Think again.

With the lack of courage to stand up to the left demonstrated by corporate types these days, you will be hard pressed to find an insurer for your firearms.

What about the guns you already own?

No worries, state democrats, led by bill sponsor Christy Clark, have taken the time to create an exhaustive list of what they believe to be weapons worthy of banning, even if you could afford the insurance.

By the way, if you are now 18 and this bill becomes law, you would then have to wait until you are 21 to purchase or own a standard hunting rifle. I guess the left trusts you to make decisions on the birth of a child but not to exercise basic rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States.

The proposal would also criminalize the use of many common hunting guns. Hunting firearms-related equipment is taxed to support conservation in our state. Ultimately this action would reduce conservation funding for the wildlife and wild places of our state.

The bill would ban over 100 different semiautomatic firearms.

Under this bill, anyone who discovers their firearm has been stolen is required by law to report to a local law enforcement agency the theft or the State Bureau of Investigations, and if you fail to do so, you are now a criminal.

But wait, you guessed it, there’s more. In fact, there is far more to this bill than I can enumerate in one op-ed.

How about require leftist Gov. Roy Cooper’s Department of Public Safety to develop a “roster of handguns” that meet their defined safety standards and then, and only then, can the approved guns be sold, transferred, owned or possessed.

I’ll let you read all the innovative ways that these North Carolina House Democrats have prescribed to keep us all safe.

At the end of the day, elections matter. While Republicans in the North Carolina House and Senate remain in the majority for now, the next election could bring sweeping changes to your personal freedoms and the abilities to exercise them.

Remember that when the next false flag on any issue is flown and the left tries to convince you that they have a better plan. The devil truly is in the details.

Rep. Jason Saine represents Lincoln County in the N.C. House of Representatives.