Mississippi bank accused in lawsuit of unfair overdraft fees

FILE PHOTO: Bank cards and statements
JACKSON, Miss. — Two women say in a lawsuit that a Mississippi-based bank is unfairly charging overdraft fees.

The Clarion Ledger reports Cryesha McDonald of Waynesboro and Chantal Lewis of Jackson sued Trustmark National Bank this month in federal court in Jackson. Lawyers representing the women seek approval for a class-action lawsuit representing all the bank’s customers.

They allege Trustmark also charges surprise fees for using automated teller machines on a different bank’s network.

The suit claims Trustmark is unjustly enriching itself and breaking its account agreement with customers.

Similar lawsuits have been filed against other banks.

The Jackson-based bank, with $13 billion in assets, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trustmark holds the largest share of bank deposits in Mississippi, and also has offices in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and Texas.