Hanes retires from N.C. General Assembly effective immediately

RALEIGH – On Tuesday, Rep. Edward Hanes Jr. (D-Forsyth) announced his retirement from the North Carolina General Assembly effective immediately.

Hanes was elected in 2011 as part of a wave of new legislators, a Democrat in a sea of new Republicans who took control of the state legislature for the first time in more than a century. Hanes said he focused his policy efforts on building employment opportunities and finding support for life sciences and education.


Rep Ed Hanes, Jr. (D-Forsyth

“I was able to remain committed to a singularly policy-driven focus,” noting the politics of the day and the need to drive people-first policy. “I came to Raleigh to create relationships and bring people together on difficult issues and I was able to do that. I’m proud that I was able to remain policy-focused while avoiding most of the politics that has created the stratified political environment that exists nationally.”

A member of the Democrat minority caucus throughout his years of service, Hanes pointed to what he considers key legislative victories, including his sponsorship of amendments to fund body and dashboard cameras for law enforcement officers, sponsorship of a measure to expunge the criminal records of those found to be wrongfully convicted of a crime, and most recently, passage of his provision that requires schools to place any student who earns the high score of a five on standardized tests into advanced classes.

“Rep. Hanes has been a tireless advocate for creating jobs and educating all children across the state,” said Democratic Party Minority Leader Darren Jackson (D-Wake). “We will miss him in the General Assembly and wish him well with his new endeavors.”

According to Hanes’ press release, Derwin Montgomery, the current city council member from the East Ward, will take over Hanes seat representing District 72.