Silent Sam vandalized with blood, red paint

The Silent Sam statue memorializing Confederate soldiers is shown vandalized with red paint. Source: Will Partin via Twitter

Chapel Hill – A woman says she used her own blood and red paint when she defaced the Silent Sam confederate statue on UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus.  UNC grad student Maya Little was arrested for defacing public property Monday afternoon. A Facebook live video has been circulating showing her spreading red pain on the statue.  Little has been a lead coordinator of recent demonstrations against the statue on campus. Fellow protesters held a hand-painted sheet that read “work order for Folt” referring to UNC’s chancellor, Carol Folt.  The protesters later blocked the work of UNC campus workers cleaning the paint from Silent Sam, but they were removed by police.


Little was released Monday afternoon. Her supporters are trying to drum up support for her on social media and say her court date was set for next Monday morning at nine o’clock in Hillsborough.