NC Legislative Building installs metal detectors, X-ray machines

Metal detectors and x-ray machines are installed at the N.C. Legislative Building April 10, 2018 NSJ Staff

RALEIGH — The General Assembly is implementing a new security protocol at the Legislative Building in Raleigh. New equipment, including metal detectors and X-ray machines, will be installed at the entrances of the Legislative Building, screening visitors prior to entry. According to Legislative Service Officer Paul Coble, between staffers, lawmakers, press and lobbyists, the state legislative building has approximately 1,000 people working there on an average day. Add to that crowd about 15 to 20 school groups taking daily tours, each with 30 kids or more.

“When you have that many kids in the building at any given time, you have to be concerned about keeping them safe,” said Coble.


Administrators are careful to maintain access for the public to the seat of state government and the legislative process at what has historically been considered the “People’s Building.”

“Our goal is to make the building safe for all who have business with the General Assembly, as well as for the members, staff, press and citizens of the state of North Carolina,” read a press release from Legislative Services.

The new security equipment will be operational sometime in the next few weeks as lawmakers plan to convene in Raleigh on May 16 for short session.