LETTER: Enough with the Trump-Russia distraction!

The North State Journal | Madeline Gray

Enough is enough! This continuing tripe in regards to President Trump and a “Russian collusion” has sunk from a pathetic attempt of the Democrats and their accomplices in the so-called mainstream media to distract Congress from real issues. The outright character assassination of decent people is shameful, too.It has been said that no matter what the lie or how big it is, if it is repeated often enough and long enough, it will thought to be the truthful. Sadly, this absurdity does hold a grain of truth in it. The mainstream media and the endless supply of “political strategists” paraded across our TV screens certainly believe it! Most frustrating are the political hacks we have elected and reelected too many times who use this “Russian collusion” claptrap as a “photo op” and solemnly treat this farce as a serious matter “to be looked into.” The majority of people polled place this far down on the list of issues.Enough, I say again! Congressional Republicans remember what you said repeatedly, over and over again when you ran for office. You would repeal Obamacare. Not replace it, you would repeal it. All of you said it! For seven years you have done nothing. Now you have no excuse! There are majorities in the House and Senate and a president who has directed you to get him the bill to sign. Sen. Rand Paul has a four-page bill that will work fine. Pass it and let Trump honor his commitment as you should honor yours!Art WilsonFuquay-Varina