N.C. Fast Facts: Babe Ruth, Aluminum trees, and Pepsi

The Sultan of Swat started his reign in N.C.

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Everyone likes to have a little trivia tidbit to break out at a dinner party or around the water cooler. Fortunately, we at NSJ just happen to be willing and able to oblige on most matters historical, geographical, statistical, botanical, and of course gastronomical when it comes to the Old North State.DID YOU KNOW?Babe Ruth hit his very first professional home run in Fayetteville, N.C. on March 7, 1914.The oldest town in the state is Bath, N.C., incorporated in 1704.There is an Aluminum Tree Museum – really! – and it is located in Brevard, N.C.Wilmington boasts a Museum of Oddities, which includes a two-headed sheep.While some might say Pepsi, created in New Bern, N.C., our state beverage is actually milk.If you live in Chatham, N.C., congratulations! You reside in the geographical center of the state.