The state of style with fashion blogger Molly Stillman

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Meet Molly Stillman — fashion blogger, wife, mother, podcast host, Tar Heel fan, and Durham resident. With a big smile and infectious laugh, Molly is sure to be someone you’d want to meet. Her blog is just as personable, making you feel like you just went shopping with one of your friends as she shares pieces of her life between photos of the latest trends. We did a little Q&A to hear her thoughts on style and blogging as well as her life and passions.NSJ: What upcoming trends are you most excited about?Stillman: I am so excited for the return of color! The past few years, the trendy colors have been very muted. Pale pinks, white, tans, and even dark maroons, greens, etc. But this spring and summer I think we’re going to see a lot of bright, bold colors like teals and blues and pinks and corals! I can’t wait!Is there a style you love but don’t feel like you could pull off?The past year or so I have seen the return of overalls, and I just don’t think I could ever put a pair of overalls on without feeling like I’m either: a) back in 1994, or b) 3 years old. I know there are ways to wear them, and I see them look cute on some people, but not me.Do you ever look in your closet and think, “Ugh, I have nothing to wear”?I definitely used to, but not anymore. The past few years I’ve really gotten my closet down to pieces that I love and feel confident in. I’ve stopped buying things just for the sake of buying them, and now I only buy pieces I absolutely adore.What piece do you think every woman should own?By far, my staple wardrobe piece is a great denim jacket. I love denim jackets so much I own four! (All in different washes, of course.) Denim jackets go with so much and are such versatile pieces!When did you first start blogging about fashion and what do you love most about it?While I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade, I’ve only been blogging about fashion for five years. It really started when I realized that I was in a huge style rut, and I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. What I love most about it is that I’m able to show women (and even more importantly, moms) that it doesn’t matter how old you are or what size you are, you CAN get dressed every day and feel confident in your clothes!Then, what has been the hardest part about being a fashion blogger?I think the hardest thing is staying true to my own style and my own aesthetic. For me, it’s not about trends or what everyone else is doing or wearing. I want to combine trends with what works for my own body and my own personal style.You’d already been blogging for several years before getting pregnant with your daughter, Lilly, and then your son, Amos. How did becoming a mom impact your style?It made a huge impact … it was a big adjustment getting dressed everyday and feeling like a human while also being realistic because I was breastfeeding (and being covered in spit-up and baby fluids!). I just realized that I had to be honest with myself and know that I’m not likely to wear heels or a fancy dress all that often … but that doesn’t mean I can’t be stylish!What are some of your favorite styles for kids?I love dressing my kids to look like … kids! Maybe that sounds strange, but sometimes I feel like some brands try to make kids look like little adults, and I’m not about that. Kids grow up so fast, I want them to be able to run and jump and play and get dirty, and I want their clothes to hold up to all of that!You focus a lot on fair trade and ethical products. What got you started on that and why is it so important to you?I became interested in fair trade and ethical fashion in 2011 when I first traveled to Kenya and visited the Kazuri bead factory in Nairobi. It was the first time I really learned about how having a job and being paid a fair wage can positively impact someone’s life. That started me on a journey to learn as much as I could about ethical manufacturing and fair trade brands. When I learned about how so much of what we buy is made by people who aren’t paid a fair wage, are not working in safe conditions, are coerced, and even forced to work… not to mention child labor, etc. I had a really hard time shopping the way I used to after that. I learned that by every purchase we make, we are casting a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. I could go on, but this is an issue that I’m so passionate about.Check out Molly Stillman’s blog at: