The Wedding Planner

Based in Charlotte and born in Elizabeth City, Ivy Robinson has planned a number of weddings for notable clients ranging from sports figures to celebrities.

Christine T. Nguyen—The North State Journal
Ivy Robinson is an event and wedding planner based in Charlotte. She has designed weddings for celebrities and sports figures -- including Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.Photographed on Thursday

From planning Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Amy Reimann’s surprise New Year’s Eve wedding, to working with Emily Maynard from the Bachelorette, Ivy Robinson is one of the most sought-after wedding and event planners in the Southeast. With roots in Elizabeth City, Robinson mixes in her own glamorous and romantic style with the needs and requests of her ever-changing clientele. For her, the planning always revolves around the art of capturing a couple’s character.”When I design a wedding I create the event around my clients. My personal style is not traditional Southern, more modern eclectic glam-Hollywood [with] some clients that tends to pop in,” said Robinson, noting Earnhardt’s wedding took place at Childress Vineyards and utilized big French pillows, something she and the bride both loved.Robinson transcends more than just wedding planning. She has planned a 1,000-person extravagant New Orleans party hosted by the city’s four most notable families as well as various corporate events. A number of noteworthy clients from sports figures, celebrities, and some of Charlotte’s biggest names call on Robinson for her distinct style solutions when it comes time to tie the knot.She describes herself as a person who constantly needs change, so she opted for the fast-paced and demanding lifestyle of entrepreneurship. For Robinson, there’s no such thing as a typical day.”Every day is different, one phone call or one email can shift my entire day. It’s not an 8-to-5 job, weekends off and a 40-hour week. Some weeks you never know, and I like that I can’t have the same schedule. It’s hard for a lot of creative minds to be trapped in a 9-to-5, they have to get out and do things.”While Robinson said many think event planning involves champagne tastings, lots of cake, and glitz and glam, every bride she works with is different and the challenge of something new constantly keeps her on her toes. While Pinterest and social media are great tools for wedding planning and showcasing trends, sometimes she suggests to her clients to stop adding to the Pinterest board after planning is underway. Robinson said, “I have to find new styles with all of my brides, because they sometimes change their minds … a lot. The longer you take to plan the wedding; the more things will change. I tell my clients after we develop their look and style, ‘Get off of Pinterest!'”While weddings are (hopefully) a one-time deal, Robinson keeps in contact with her clients and even plans their future celebrations such as baby showers or birthday parties. Her 2017 wedding forecast ranges from a bohemian ‘organic’ wedding in the middle of the woods, to a traditional, yet extravagant ballroom wedding, to a wedding at a museum. Robinson said that trends revolve around the re-emergence of the traditional bride and groom table, a mix of metallic in the design and color board, and the continuation of the 2016 trend of various food stations at the reception. As for Robinson’s own style, she said her personal favorite will always be big, Southern-style tent weddings.