ROBBINS: The deadlines they are a-changin

Welcome to the first weekend issue of the North State Journal. In the past few weeks, we have reached several of our goals as a publication, including our new printing process, weekend business section, and Wednesday issue. Each of these steps make us better as a publication and we hope makes readers happy. This week marks a shift in our publication date from Sunday to Saturday. This change serves two purposes.

First, a Saturday publication allows us to deliver to more people across the state on the same day. Second, publishing on Saturday allows us to maintain a Friday night print deadline for our journalists so that the news they report gets to you in a timely manner.We hope that you have noticed an even better North State Journal when it comes to the quality of our printing. We recently moved to a new printing press and made improvements to our design and photo process to take advantage of our high-quality paper and full-color pages. The Wednesday issue of the North State Journal has allowed us to take a step forward in our news gathering.

As a weekly newspaper, our editors felt the burden to tell the important stories for an entire week and to help you step into a new week. Now, we are able to focus on a Tuesday evening deadline to bring you important mid-week news, which allows the weekend issue to be less of a digest and more focused on late-week news and weekend topics. As we approach the end of our first year and close Volume 1 of the North State Journal, we want to hear from you about what we have done right and what we need to improve (email me directly at [email protected]). As with any new venture, the market and the stakeholders ultimately have their say regardless of best laid plans. Our recent changes are all part of what we believe our readers want: more business coverage, more publication days, and more same-day delivery locations. We are committed to elevating the conversation in our state and we hope that you will continue to support our team by renewing your subscription in the weeks and months ahead.Neal Robbins, from Asheboro, is publisher of the North State Journal.

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Neal Robbins is the publisher of the North State Journal.