Thimble dropped from Monopoly board game after getting a thumbs-down

The eight current Monopoly tokens are surrounded by tokens being voted on for inclusion to the popular board game.

New versions of Monopoly will no longer give players the option of using a tiny silver-colored thimble as their pawn on the board, after fans voted to drop the piece that had featured in the game since its introduction in 1935.The thimble — a tool used in sewing to prevent pricking one’s thumb with a needle — was the second of the games’ original pieces to be dropped after players gave a thumbs-down to the iron in 2013, Providence, Rhode Island-based game maker Hasbro Inc said on Thursday.The surviving pieces that trace their roots back to the Great Depression include a battleship, boot and Scottie dog.Players also had the option to vote online on a new pawn to replace the thimble, with choices including monster trucks and flip-flops. Hasbro plans to reveal their choice next month.