LETTER: Heres to free speech on campus

The North State Journal | Madeline Gray

Here’s to free speech 
on campusI am a senior at UNC Chapel Hill and part of a small but growing minority on this campus. We come wwwfrom all walks of life and are present in every academic department. Some call us the “Alternative Right.” Others call us “fascists.” Still others call us “ignorant,” or even worse, “racist.” Regardless of what they call us, we exist.We’re sick and tired of hypocrite professors and suburban rich kids who bemoan the struggles of the working class but demonstrate utter contempt for every working man and woman of this country by supporting politicians and policies that ship their livelihoods overseas. We’re sick and tired of being told to sit down and shut up by progressives who claim to believe in free speech. Most of all, we’re sick and tired of a campus culture that values the color of a person’s skin more than the content of his or her thoughts.The rising specter of violence and intolerance on American campuses is arising from the radical left: anarchists and Marxists, mostly from upper middle class families, who would rather start a second civil war which would kill millions of innocent people than listen to a contrary opinion. They would throw away 240 years of blood, sweat, and tears in the name of “social justice,” which they use to justify violence, looting, and rioting to silence their opposition — people like gay, conservative activist Milo Yiannopoulos, who defies their most cherished stereotype.Chris WatsonChapel Hill