Girl Scout Cookies Grow Up

For the 5th year, Brixx Pizza hosted their annual Girl Scout Cookie and beer pairing, this year it went nationwide with each location offering something a bit different.

For the 5th year, Brixx Pizza hosted their annual Girl Scout Cookie and beer pairing, this year it went nationwide with each location offering something a bit different.Five years ago, the General Manager at the Brixx Pizza in Chapel Hill found himself confronted with a convincing salesperson. He was so persuaded to make a purchase that he bought more than he could handle and had to find a way to get rid of it. Who was the salesperson and what was the product? Girl Scout Cookies. It’s easy to understand his dilemma, Girl Scout Cookie season is a favorite for everyone and their rarity makes the bulk purchase seem all the more logical.Charlotte born Brixx Pizza has long been known for their stellar beer list. What do you do when you have too many Girl Scout cookies and a great selection of craft beer? Pair the two! Since the first pairing five years ago, a few favorites have emerged from the combinations as well as a genuine fan following for the yearly event.Tim Miner, Director of Marketing for Brixx Pizza said, “I think people are very curious, obviously Girl Scout cookies are something people look forward to every year, discovering a new way to enjoy the cookies is a driver, it’s a familiar taste but you want to know how that can change and how you can experience change.”For the pairings, the beer sampler paddler which accommodates four, four ounce pours, is filled with four glasses, three filled with beer and the fourth with cookies. A provided tasting sheet indicates which beer pairs with what cookie. The beer menu at Brixx varies from location to location. This year at the Parkside location pairings included Gizmo Peppermint Stilleto Stout with Samosas and Knee Deep Breaking Bud IPA was paired with the refreshing Lemonade cookie. A more mellow Draft Line Pilsner met its match with a simple pairing of Peanut Butter Patties.At the Bradford location tastings included Samosas with Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale, Wicked Weed Hop Cocoa paired with Peanut Butter Patties and Deep River Twisted River Wit paired with Savannah Smiles. Miner noted that just like their beer selection, certain Girl Scout cookies are only available in certain locations.As opposed to say a wine and cheese tasting, there’s no formula for pairing the two. Miner described it as more of a relaxed event where people can enjoy the nostalgia of Girl Scout cookies with an adult twist. “People are becoming much more inventive with beer. We’re always trying to find a new angle and new experience and for people to fall a little bit deeper in love with beer. They might be shocked and curious about this fun way to pair beer. Just when you think you’ve got your finger on beer, there’s a new way to approach it.”North Carolina cities like Charlotte and Asheville have become notable havens for the buzzing craft beer scene. In January, NoDa Brewery in Charlotte went straight to the source unveiling their very own Girl Scout Cookie brews. Each Tuesday, a new keg was unveiled, first the Samoan Blonde, next a Minty Thin, then Lemon Shortbread Kolsch, finally a Tagging-a-Long Brown.For the non-beer lover, there’s also another option for enjoying the classic cookie with an over 21 twist — Girl Scout Cookies and wine. Napa Valley wine grower Paula Moulton unveiled her own pairing recommendations. The samosas go nicely with a sparkling wine consisting of chardonnay and savagnin grapes. Thin mints play nicely with spicy flavors of pinot noir or a more rich choice like a merlot. You can also pop bottles and pair some champagne with the Toffee-Tastic cookies.Although Girl Scout Cookie season only comes once a year, it seems Brixx, breweries, and even wine connoisseur’s are always looking for ways to up the ante and enjoy a childhood classic with adult style.