Speaker Tim Moore names NC House committee chairs

Committee chairs in place, NC House one step closer to full speed for 2017

Christine T. Nguyen—The North State Journal
NC Speaker of the House Tim Moore resides over a special session of the N.C. House. FILE

RALEIGH — Speaker of the N.C. House Rep.Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) announced standing committee chairs on Tuesday for the 2017 legislative session of the N.C. House preceding the General Assembly’s return on January 25. “I want to thank my colleagues for their assistance in the committee assignment process and wish each chair a successful session presiding over deliberations and making decisions to improve the lives of North Carolinians,” said Speaker Moore in a press release. “The House is fortunate to return experienced chairs to many committees and add new leaders with fresh vision to other key roles.””I have the highest confidence that each chair will work successfully with their committee members to fix complex policy problems, pass historic reforms and find solutions for the most important issues in our state,” added Moore.With committees in place the legislature can get up to speed quickly with budget legislation and alternative Republican priorities such as continued regulatory reform.Committee chair assignments for the 2017 North Carolina House of Representatives, largely carried over from the previous session, are as follows:AgingRep. Pat Hurley, Rep. Rena TurnerAgricultureRep. Mark Brody, Rep. Jimmy Dixon, Rep. Bob SteinburgAlcoholic Beverage ControlRep. Jamie Boles, Rep. Chuck McGradyAppropriationsRep. Nelson Dollar, Senior ChairmanRep. Dean Arp, Rep. John Faircloth, Rep. Linda Johnson, Rep. Donny Lambeth, Rep. Chuck McGradyAppropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture and Natural and Economic ResourcesRep. Jimmy Dixon, Rep. Kyle Hall, Rep. Pat McElraft, Rep. Stephen Ross Appropriations Subcommittee on Capital Expenditures Rep. Justin Burr, Rep. Jon HardisterAppropriations Subcommittee on EducationRep. Hugh Blackwell, Rep. John Fraley, Rep. Craig Horn, Rep. Pat Hurley, Rep. Jeffrey ElmoreAppropriations Subcommittee on General GovernmentRep. George Cleveland, Rep. Dennis RiddellAppropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human ServicesRep. William Brisson, Rep. Josh Dobson, Rep. Chris Malone, Rep. Greg MurphyAppropriations Subcommittee on Information TechnologyRep. Jason SaineAppropriations Subcommittee on Justice and Public SafetyRep. Jamie Boles, Rep. Ted Davis, Jr., Rep. Allen McNeill, Rep. Rena TurnerAppropriations Subcommittee on TransportationRep. Frank Iler, Rep. Michelle Presnell, Rep. Phil Shepard, Rep. John TorbettBankingRep. Julia HowardCommerce and Job DevelopmentRep. Debra Conrad, Rep. Susan Martin, Rep. Stephen RossEducation – Community CollegesRep. Mark Brody, Rep. John SaulsEducation – K-12Rep. Debra Conrad, Rep. Jeffrey Elmore, Rep. Craig Horn, Rep. Linda JohnsonEducation – UniversitiesRep. John Fraley, Rep. Jonathan JordanElections and Ethics LawRep. Bert Jones, Rep. David LewisEnergy and Public UtilitiesRep. Jeff Collins, Rep. John Szoka, Rep. Sam WatfordEnvironmentRep. Pat McElraft, Rep. Larry YarboroughEthicsRep. John Faircloth, Rep. Ken GoodmanFinanceRep. Bill Brawley, Rep. Jason Saine, Senior ChairmenRep. Kelly Hastings, Rep. Susan Martin, Rep. Mitchell Setzer, Rep. John SzokaHealthRep. Justin Burr, Rep. Josh Dobson, Rep. Bert Jones, Rep. Donny Lambeth, Rep. Greg MurphyHomeland Security, Military, and Veterans AffairsRep. George Cleveland, Rep. Larry Pittman, Rep. Michael SpecialeHomelessness, Foster Care, and DependencyRep. Jonathan JordanInsuranceRep. Dana Bumgardner, Rep. Mitchell SetzerJudiciary IRep. Ted Davis, Jr.Judiciary IIRep. John BlustJudiciary IIIRep. Jonathan Jordan, Rep. Lee ZacharyJudiciary IVRep. Hugh Blackwell, Rep. Justin BurrPensions and RetirementRep. Allen McNeillRegulatory ReformRep. John Bradford, Rep. Chris Millis, Rep. Dennis RiddellRules, Calendar, and Operations of the HouseRep. David LewisState and Local Government IRep. Carl FordState and Local Government IIRep. John BradfordState PersonnelRep. Harry WarrenTransportationRep. Kelly Hastings, Rep. Frank Iler, Rep. Phil Shepard, Rep. John TorbettWildlife ResourcesRep. Jay Adams, Rep. Chris Malone