Pomander pyramids

Marilyn Barbone—
Christmas clove and orange pomander fruit.

This centerpiece and natural air freshener is simple to make. Orange pomanders can be stacked in a pyramid or placed around your home in bowls to brighten your decor this holiday.Materials:• Oranges, lemons, or other firm-fleshed citrus fruit• Whole stemmed cloves• Nail or knitting needleDirections:Poke evenly spaced holes (with the nail or knitting needle) around the fruit in your desired pattern. Insert the cloves in the pierced spots on each piece of fruit and voila—you have a decoration that dates from medieval times. If you want to add an additional layer of scent, you can shake your clove studded fruit in a baggie filled with a tablespoon of cinnamon. Stack on a cake plate with greenery or ribbon tucked around and citrusy spice will perfume your room through the new year.