Trump NC campaign and GOP encouraged so far

Madeline Gray—North State Journal
(L to R) Lydia Monks

RALEIGH — Senior North Carolina officials for Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign staff are waiting in anticipation with the N.C. GOP and Gov. Pat McCrory camps in Raleigh tonight.Kirk Bell, communications director for Trump’s North Carolina operations, is encouraged as the ballots filter in.”I feel like the numbers are looking very good so far, but we have a lot of work left to go,” said Bell. “If the trend continues, I think North Carolina will do very well [for Trump]. I want to see some more of the counties like Mecklenburg, Durham counties’ numbers. When they’re complete things, will look pretty good”Bell hopes Trump’s momentum will help in down ballot races in the state, though he is astonished that Gov. Pat McCrory isn’t doing better to this point.”I would have thought that Gov. McCrory would have been a little bit further ahead at this point,” lamented Bell. “I still think they’re going to be fine, but very surprised that that margin isn’t a little bit larger [for McCrory].”