The maker

Charlotte sisters use homegrown and global elements as inspiration

photo courtesy of Twine & Twig

Inspiration can come from wherever one looks — the calmness of the sea, the changing of leaves from summer to fall or even the bark on the trees. It is the inspiration from the Earth’s natural beauty that the two sisters behind Twine & Twig have translated into their handcrafted art.Charlotte natives Elizabeth Stafford White and Jacquelyn Stafford Buckner are the duo behind the popular jewelry line. and they source their unique and natural materials from regions throughout the world. The brand brings African trade beads, antler sheds and cowrie shells together for a signature piece of style that reminds the wearer of the beauty of the Earth and the calmness it brings.”A neutral palette is what we are drawn to. It’s the color scheme we use in our own homes, the way we dress and the jewelry we design. Neutral equals natural — we love that our materials are all natural, made by hand or found in nature,” said White.”The great thing about that is that when we are coming up with a new collection we look no further than the outdoors — the colors of the sea, the leaves changing, the textures and hues you find on a walk through the woods — the possibilities are endless,” she added.Extensive travelers, the sisters use people they meet, the stories they share, and the crafts they create to build on the style of Twine & Twig while helping to support those living in developing countries.”We have known the main supplier of our beads for ten years. He is a wonderful, kind man from Nigeria who now feels like family. Each time we see him we gain a little more knowledge about the beads or a wonderful tale about wisdom,” said Buckner.”It feels good to support people and places near and far with Twine & Twig. We meet people on our travels that inspire or supply us and become a part of our business family,” she added.Using original materials found in Nigeria and elsewhere, the sisters craft necklaces — the signature piece in their collection — from authentic hides, shells, and beads to create handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry.”The process of crafting the necklaces is a labor of love. It starts with receiving our full-sized hides that are then hand-cut down into individual suede straps. Our straps are then stitched and branded with our custom logo, T’s and holes. The suede strap has become the signature look of our brand and we pair earthy, natural materials to create a true statement piece,” said White. “Like a good pair of jeans, the suede feels so good against your neck and gets better the more it is worn. It has a chic and earthy look and feel,” she added.”Our process truly is handcrafted from start to finish.”Since their launch in late 2013, the business has expanded to include cuffs, hats, home accessories, and apparel for women, men and children. However, the signature piece remains the necklace.”I wear mine with a t-shirt and jeans. It’s nice to dress casually and comfortably but still have the style rounded off with a statement piece. Elizabeth prefers to wear quite a few pieces layered up over neutral clothing with texture. There are so many different lengths now it’s easy to put together a new look each day,” said Buckner.These two talented North Carolina sisters have grown a thriving business in just three years using both homegrown and global elements to translate their craftsmanship into lasting style.