NC GOP hopeful as returns begin to come in

Madeline Gray—North State Journal
People gather at the Crabtree Valley Marriott for a Republican election night party in Raleigh on Tuesday

RALEIGH — As North Carolina Republicans wait for final election results at a potential victory party in Raleigh, leadership of the N.C. GOP is confident in the movement behind Republicans in the Old North State and nationally.”Turnout has been much greater than usual,” said N.C. Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes. “I’ve been to every Trump rally in N.C. except three. I’m not bragging, but I’m telling you, when I stand on the stage and look at the people throughout the room, 17,500 in Selma for example, we can just see that they want to ‘Make America Great Again.'”The spokeswoman for the N.C. Republican Party, Kami Mueller, is cautiously optimistic as results pour in.”We are still sitting in anticipation,” said Mueller. “It’s very, very close — too close to call for every race from the top to the bottom of the ballot and polls just closed. There are many counties that will likely come in with large numbers for our Republican candidates, that have not come in yet.”Mueller feels that the examples set by N.C. Republicans keeping their promises, from cutting taxes to creating jobs, is on the minds of voters today.”I feel like this election is about authenticity,” said Mueller. “We’ve seen that authenticity in North Carolina for the last four years, and I feel very confident that the people have seen the effects of that authenticity. I think that that success is going to be very heavily weighed when voters go into, or went into the voting booth.”Win or lose, Hayes thinks that this contentious election is going to result in unification of the country as voters look toward the future.”We’re gonna change what politics looks like after the election. it’s going to be a new day,” said Hayes.