Undercover footage: Leaked videos of Ross and Burr fuel final battle for U.S. Senate

Burr jokes that he is shocked Clinton magazine cover in gun store didnt have a bulls-eye on it at GOTV event, New York City Ross donor says Republican supporting blacks "F--ed in the head"

Eamon Queeney—The North State Journal
Deborah Ross

RALEIGH — Candidates for North Carolina’s race for U.S. Senate, incumbent Sen. Richard Burr (R) and challenger Deborah Ross (D) both faced new controversy this week as videos emerged that each opponent claims disqualify the other from holding the N.C. Senate seat.Project Veritas Action held a press conference in Raleigh Wednesday to reveal yet another video, this time of a major donor disparaging members of the African American community at a New York City fundraiser for Ross. The investigative journalism provocateur, having released multiple videos in recent weeks that show Democrat campaign operatives boastfully reveling about illegal voter fraud schemes and paying the homeless to incite violence at Republican political rallies, seeks to expose corruption and misconduct in politics. In the video, a prominent Ross donor named Benjamin Barber compares blacks voters who support Republicans to Jews who aided the Nazis during the Holocaust.”Have you ever heard of Sonderkommandos?” asked Barber in the video. “Jewish guards who helped murder Jews in the camps…So blacks who are helping the other side are seriously f–ed in the head.”The video was shown to Bishop Patrick Wooden, Sr. of Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh. a black voter, who said Ross should be called to task for associating with that kind of thinking.”If that…what you just showed me is not racism and condescending and basically calling blacks stupid and ignorant and and saying that we are voting against our own self-interest if we support any republican,” said Wooden in his stunned response. “I am appalled. I am incensed.”Kami Mueller, spokeswoman for the North Carolina Republican Party demanded that Ross condemn the remarks in a statement provided to North State Journal.”If Deborah Ross’ record wasn’t radical enough, the latest videos through Project Veritas seem to show that Ross chooses to associate herself with those who have extreme, radical, offensive, and discriminatory viewpoints,” said Mueller in a statement. “Deborah Ross should unilaterally condemn this hate speech and give back any donations associated.”he Project Veritas video was released while the Ross campaign is pointing to a leaked video in which Burr, at a get-out-the-vote rally, recounted being in a gun shop recently and seeing a firearms industry magazine cover photo of Hillary Clinton. In the recording, Burr says upon seeing the cover that he was “a little bit shocked that that didn’t have a bulls-eye on it,” as those in attendance laughed at the apparent joke.In the recording, Burr goes on to explain that the magazine had a gallery of politicians you should and should not vote for on the issue of gun rights and the Second Amendment. Democrats and surrogates for the Ross campaign were quick to lambaste Burr for the comments that they say is encouraging violence.”Like Donald Trump, Senator Burr has insinuated violence while addressing voters,” responded State Senator Floyd McKissick, Jr. (D-Durham). “Senator Burr’s comments show his complete and utter disregard for his oath of office. Making light of an act of violence is particularly harmful following the attack of the Orange County NC GOP headquarters just a few weeks ago.”Reverend Dr. Daran Mitchell, President of the Pulpit Forum of Greensboro and Vicinity and Ross supporter called the remark unacceptable.”At a time of division like we’re experiencing now in our state and in our nation, we need leaders who will bring communities together not sow seeds of discord and violence,” stated Mitchell. “While I recognize that Senator Burr apologized for his remarks, it falls my lot as a leader to write that his behavior and rhetoric is unacceptable and irresponsible and does not reflect what North Carolinians like myself desire in servant leadership.”Voters will inevitably decide for themselves which alleged scandal is credible and consequential enough to influence their choice of Senate candidate next Tuesday.