Yought to know about the persimmon

North State Journal—North State Journal
An Alamance County Persimmon tree blooms in the fall.

Do you know about the persimmon? Y’ought to because the persimmon tree is native to North Carolina and it can be found growing wild in all 100 of our counties.Some say you can predict winter weather by the persimmon seed. The fruit contains anywhere between two and six seeds a smidge larger than a watermelon seed.It is best to use ripe seeds when going about this agricultural meteorological endeavor. From there all you have to do is cut a seed in half and look for the utensil shape inside.If you see a spoon it means you are going to have a rough winter — as in you will need a shovel for all the wet snow headed your way.Spot a fork and expect a mild winter with a bountiful harvestIf there’s a knife shape inside get ready for icy, cutting winds coming for the season.If you want to learn more about this fall fruit check out the Colfax Persimmon Festival in Guilford County on October 22.Not only are persimmons good for for predicting winter weather they are also good for pudding too. Head to for the perfect persimmon pudding recipe.