Trump Womens Tour stops to help in flooded N.C. towns

Lara Trump delivers $30,000 in supplies on campaign buses

via Twitter: @TrumpWomensTour—via Twitter: @TrumpWomensTour
Lara Trump leads Trump Women's Tour through N.C. delivering suppliesafter historic flooding.

LUMBERTON, N.C. – Donald Trump’s N.C. campaign operation detoured from its scheduled stumping route for two days to help out and deliver supplies to areas hard hit by the flood last week. In Lumberton, Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump, who is a Wrightsville Beach native and no stranger to eastern N.C. weather, pulled the Trump buses into town, loaded down with supplies. They pitched in toiletries, cleaning supplies, diapers and other items.
Trump’s campaign has found support in the eastern part of the state throughout the campaign, drawing thousands to rallies in Fayetteville, Keanansville, Wilmington, and others.”When he saw the devastation that had happened in Greenville, in Lumberton, in Fayetteville, he said ‘Ladies we have to take action. We have to help those people. So he gave us $30,000 worth of supplies and food and sent us to help,” Lara Trump told a campaign rally in Charlotte after the two day stop.
Last week, 36 counties hit by the floods were allowed a three-day extension for voter registrations due to the crisis. The new deadline for voters to register in those counties is now October 19.
Trump is scheduled to debate Democrat Hillary Clinton Thursday night in Las Vegas in the third and final debate before the November 8 presidential election.