Trending Healthcare Careers

A doctor tends to a patient in the hospital.

Preparing for anaging populationThe U.S. health care workforce is transitioning to address 21st century needs: population growth in urban communities, doctor shortages in rural communities, a focus on preventative care, and an aging baby boomer generation. Here are some positions that are trending within the industry.Genetic Counselor Avg. Salary: $67,500As a measure of preventative care, genetic counseling has emerged as patients seek early detection of diseases through genetic mapping.Physician Assistant Avg. Salary: $95,820Offering primary care practices additional highly-skilled medical personnel, the number of physician assistants has doubled in the last decade.Hospitalist Avg. Salary: $212,925These hospital-based doctors have increased ten-fold since 2004, managing inpatient care in partnership with primary care physicians.Home Health Aide Avg. Salary: $21,380Growing to meet the needs of aging Baby Boomers, the home health industry expects its workforce to swell by 500,000 by 2022.