Top winners announced in N.C. State Fair food contests

RALEIGH — Sure the rides are fun and the crafts, animal shows and pig races are sights to remember, but so many people visit to the N.C. State Fair for the food. While some head to the fairgrounds to try the latest deep-fried creation, (This year it’s deep fried Jell-O) others say its the tried-and-true french fries with ketchup and malt vinegar that keep them coming back for more. The N.C. State Fair just announced this years’ winner of the People’s Choice Award for best food of the fair and it went to Al’s French Fries. The french fry stand was founded by Al Beckwith in 1959 and is now run by his children and grandchildren. The very first Best In Show ribbon was also awarded on Monday for the most improved and/or best looking concession stand. The inaugural winner was S2 Concessions, home of deep fried Girl Scout Cookies, a deep fried Twinkie wrapped in bacon, and now Deep Fried Jell-O. S2 Concessions and Al’s French Fries are just two of hundreds of food vendors there each year, so if you are planning to hit the fair on Wednesday for Military Appreciation Day, wear your stretchy pants.