The Trick to burning off your treats

So you are craving some Halloween Candy. Maybe you even made a second trip to replace the candy you ate that was intended for the trick-or-treaters or you are already planning on raiding your little one’s basket.How bad can little fun-sized trick-or-treating candy be, really? Although little indulgences add up it can be fun to play a game thinking about what it takes to get rid of that fun size indulgence.See how your favorite candy stacks up and how long it will take you to burn off one fun sized piece of America’s favorite Halloween candies.8 pieces of Starburst (160 calories) = 11 minutes swimmingHershey’s milk chocolate bar (67 calories) = 15 minutes of dancingReese’s Peanut Butter Cup (110 calories) = 7 minutes of jogging ( approx. 11 mph)Kit Kat (70 calories) = 12 minutes of aerobicsNestle’s Crunch (60 calories each) = 25 minutes of yogaMilky Way, Mounds, Snickers, or Twix (80 calories each) = 9 minutes on the ellipticalCharleston Chew (30 calories) = 10 minutes of walking (2.5 mph)3 Musketeers (63 calories) = 25 minutes of pilates*all calorie counts are based on a 130-pound womanAlton Skinner is a health and fitness expert with over two decades of experience training athletes and author of “The Golfer’s Stroke Saver Workout.”