Stir it up

with the Roanoke from Foundation

“This drink is inspired by the rum Manhattan, also known as the Palmetto. What sets it apart is the addition of an Earl Grey tea—infused sweet vermouth. I named it the Roanoke after North Carolina’s lost colony. The Palmetto evokes the legend of the tree and its roots in South Carolina’s identity, and I wanted to attach a similar energy and pride to this drink. We use all domestic-made products at our bar, and Fair Game in Pittsboro, North Carolina, puts out some great spirits. Their amber rum has awesome molasses notes to it. The sweet vermouth we use—Vya out of California—has those same rich, earthy notes, so it’s a natural pairing. Black walnut bitters add a maple syrup quality to the drink, and the Earl Grey lends some floral decadence.”— Zack Thomas, Foundation, RaleighRoanoke2 ounces Fair Game Amber Rum1 ounce Earl Grey tea—infused sweet vermouth2 dashes Fee Brothers black walnut bittersStir ingredients together in an ice-fi lled glass, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange zest.Earl Grey tea—infused sweet vermouth6 bags Earl Grey tea1 750-ml bottle sweet vermouthAllow tea bags to steep in sweet vermouth for no more than six hours, then remove.