Mike Pence draws crowds in Greensboro and Salisbury

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence drew crowds in Salisbury and Greensboro on Monday, talking about the importance of this election. With early voting already underway in North Carolina, a crowd at Catawba College in Salisbury welcomed Pence and his wife, Karen, enthusiastically. He urged them to support running mate Donald Trump, but also Republicans in the down-ballot races.”North Carolina is going to help make Donald Trump the next president,” Pence said. “We’re going to cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms. We going to end death taxes once and for all, and we’re going to lower business taxes in North Carolina so that companies in North Carolina can keep jobs.” He also talked at length about national security and the importance of adequately supporting the military and intelligence community with resources to fight ISIS and stateside terrorism.”We will provide our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines with the resources and training they need to accomplish their mission, and we will hunt down and destroy ISIS at its source,” said Pence.There were some protesters there shouting “Love Trumps Hate,” but the majority of the crowd was looking to hear about the Trump/Pence plans for improving the economy and repealing the Affordable Care Act. In Public Policy Polling’s recent survey, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has a slim 2.9 percent lead over Trump and Pence in North Carolina, within the margin of error, while a Monmouth University Poll has the candidates within one percentage point in the state. North Carolina is the fourth state on the list of those most likely to determine the outcome of the election, behind Florida, Pennsylvania and Colorado. “Hillary Clinton may have the media and the money and the special interests on her side, but Donald Trump and I have the American people one our side, and it’s the American people who will decide this election,” Pence said.In Greensboro, Pence continued his message on supporting military operations and national security, but added a focus on impending Supreme Court nominations, saying that Trump will tap conservative judges.