Clemsons Wayne Gallman on Dravious Wright hit: I wanted someone to hurt him

Tigers running back left game against NC State after hard hit from Wolfpacks Dravious Wright.

Joshua S. Kelly—X02835
NC State did everything but beat Clemson last season in Death Valley. The Wolfpack gets a chance to finish the job at home today (Joshua S. Kelly/USA Today Sports)

When Wayne Gallman was knocked out of the game against NC State on Oct. 15, he took it personally. NC State nickel back Dravious Wright laid the hit on Gallman, and the Clemson running back said he wanted revenge for what he believed was a dirty tackle.”He didn’t lead with his hands, he just came with his head,” Gallman told Aaron Brenner of The Post and Courier. “…I wanted somebody to hurt him that was in the game if they could. But I wasn’t able to be in the game.”Prior to the head injury sustained against NC State, Gallman had posted two straight games with 100-plus rushing yards and a touchdown. He is also listed as probable for this week’s game against Florida State and denied suffering a concussion despite Clemson officials making him go through concussion protocol.Gallman remembered returning to the field following the hit, but didn’t recall what happened immediately after Wright tackled him.”I just remember catching the ball, making a move, going north, and after that, I don’t remember anything at all until I got back to the training room,” Gallman said . “It was like I went to sleep, and I woke up in the training room. I saw a video of myself walking off; I don’t even remember that.”Despite Gallman’s claims, there was no targeting call on the field by the officiating crew. After the game, the ACC office supported the no-call upon further review.