The low down on post-Labor Day white attire in the South

Toru Hanai—Reuters
A woman walks past a fashion boutique. June 29

Quick, Labor Day has come and gone.Have you put away your white? Which white clothing? And why?Growing up many of us heard the old adage no white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. This decree was based in the upper crust fashionista of the early 20th century who would flee the city during sweltering hot months taking along breezy white clothing to summer (yes it’s a verb) seaside or on a mountain. Once the summer slid into fall, socialites would return to the city and fashion would flip — summer whites put away and fall’s more formal ensembles worn once more.This is 2016 and I am here to tell you there are some whites that fall outside of these rules.Put away: white shortsSure, we live in the South and it is still hot, but it’s fall; if you are still wearing shorts, wear khakis.Keep wearing: white jeansWhite jeans are appropriate year-round. Just be aware of your shoe choice here and swap out those flip-flops for some cowboy boots.Put away: all of your linen clothingAlthough linen is one of the oldest fabrics used by humans and was employed to keep us warm in another era, we now associate it with summer so pack it away.Keep wearing: white sweaters or jacketsYou’ve been topping things off this summer with this light layer and you can certainly continue to do so throughout the fall. Go ahead and keep that white sweater in the rotation to break up the monotony of a head-to-toe black outfit.The best thing you can do when thinking about fashion is to find a style that reflects your personality and go with it, remembering to wear what is right for the season and the occasion while staying true to yourself.