UNC suspends Allen Artis amid sexual assault allegations

The Tar Heels suspended the defensive back accused of sexually assaulting another student in February.

The North State Journal—The North State Journal
UNC-Chapel Hill sophomore Delaney Robinson speaks to the media on Tuesday

In the wake of allegations from North Carolina student Delaney Robinson that she was sexually assaulted in February by Tar Heels football player Allen Artis, the athletic department suspended the junior defensive back indefinitely.”We are aware of the misdemeanor charges against Allen Artis,” UNC coach Larry Fedora said. “I cannot comment on either the allegation or the investigative process. We take these matters very seriously and are fully cooperating with the appropriate authorities.”On Tuesday, Robinson, her father Stacey Robinson and attorney Denise W. Branch called a press conference and issued statements alleging Artis sexually assaulted Delaney on Feb. 14.The family and attorney also slammed the university for its handling of the matter.”For more than six months, we have waited for the man who raped my daughter to be held accountable,” Stacey Robinson said. “We have had to endure delays, red tape and bureaucracy by both the UNC Department of Public Safety and the Title IX office while the University has ignored its own guidelines. We have watched with dismay as the UNC Department of Public Safety and the Title IX office spent far more time investigation my daughter rather than her rapist. “DPS even went so far as to reassure my daughter’s rapist by telling him that there was nothing to worry about, and one investigator participated in an event where he was socializing with the football team.”Delaney Robinson accused the school’s department of public safety of treating her “like a suspect” “After I was raped, I went to the hospital and gave an account of what I could remember to the sexual assault nurse,” Robinson said. “Then I was again quizzed by the DPS investigators, who consistently asked humiliating and accusatory questions. What was I wearing? What was a I drinking? How much did I drink? How much did I eat that day? Did I lead him on? Have I hooked up with him before? Do I often have one night stands? Did I even say no? What is my sexual history? How may men have I slept with? I was treated like a suspect.”The university has also issued a statement, saying it is “prohibited from responding to” the allegations because of federal law.”These matters are complex and often involve multiple agencies including law enforcement,” the school said. “While the University always tries to complete an investigation as quickly as possible, our priority is to ensure that the factual investigations are complete and conducted in a fair and thorough manner.”While we understand and appreciate the public interest in today’s allegations, we are unable to comment further at this time.”