Sex and the Citys Kristin Davis launches Democrats voter registration campaign

Christine T. Nguyen The North State Journal
Actress Kristin Davis (center)

RALEIGH — It is 99 days until Election Day, and former Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis kicked off the North Carolina Democratic Party’s voter registration campaign Monday at the Goodwin House. Davis, who played Charlotte York Goldenblatt on the HBO show, told voters and Hillary Clinton supporters that their vote mattered. “My main message is your vote will count,” Davis said. “What will happen in your state, especially North Carolina because it is a swing state, it is important. This year we have a tremendously opposite choice of who we can vote for.”Davis’ visit comes the week after the Democratic National Convention, and the party wants to continue the momentum.”We have all come back full of enthusiasm and knowing how hard we need to work right now, so today we kick off our registration campaign because what we know we need to do for the next 99 days is to get out and register people to vote and educate people and make sure they get out in November,” Patsy Keever, North Carolina Democratic Party chairperson, said.Nirvana Crew, a Clinton delegate from Raleigh, came back from the convention ready to work. “You come back energized and you know what’s at hand by making sure we are out registering voters, we’re out making sure we’re educating people on our candidate and explaining to them why it’s important for them to vote,” Crew said. “Their vote does absolutely matter and considering North Carolina — the size of it all — we can definitely turn this state blue again. It is just a matter of pushing forward.” Both Crew and Davis said this election is personal to them, citing they believe Clinton is the best candidate to fight for families. Davis, while speaking to media, choked up while speaking about her daughter who she adopted from Africa in 2011. She said she has been shielding her daughter from the TV when Republican candidate Donald Trump speaks. “I don’t want her to hear some of the things being said by the other candidate,” Davis said. “It would hurt her, so it is extremely important we fight for what is good in America.”She also said she wanted her daughter to know a life of having an African-American president and a woman president.”I am thrilled for my daughter to see the first female candidate,” Davis said. “In her life, we have had President Barack Obama, which is super inspiring. We know that was a breakthrough, and I love she doesn’t know that. I love that she doesn’t know Hillary just broke the glass ceiling, because that’s how her whole life is going to be. It is a wonderful example.”Keever echoed how Clinton is a candidate of inclusion. “This is about someone who has the intelligence and the strength and the experience to lead all Americans, regardless of our gender or our race or our religion — whatever,” Keever said. “Hillary is our candidate, and we’re thrilled.”