Beautiful research in the works to increase the pollinator population

What’s that buzz in the air? The pollinators are up there thanks to the strategically planted and managed flowers across the state. There are 18 research stations across N.C. where the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services works to make farming more efficient, profitable, and productive—ultimately resulting in more affordable food for consumers. In 2015 the division began their pollinator initiative in an effort to improve native plants and increase pollinator habitats.”Bees, birds, and insects transfer pollen from one part of the plant to another,” said Cathy Herring, Central Crops Research Station Operations Manager. “We need them to have successful crops.” Beyond being beautiful to look at, the project is a research partnership between the NCDA&CS and North Carolina State University. Pollinator plots were established at each of their 18 research stations, and scientists have spent the 2016 growing season studying them.”There is no end date in sight,” said Kaleb Rathbone, NCDA&CS Mountain Research Station operations manager. “This is an ongoing initiative—we recognize the importance.”