Foxx: “Im honored that theyve given me the chance to appear on the ballot in the fall.”

BOONE, N.C. – Representative Virginia Foxx (R-5) issued a statement Tuesday night on her victory in the Republican primary:”Today the voters of North Carolina’s 5th Congressional
District decisively endorsed my record of fighting for limited
government, conservative values and strong national security. I’m
honored that they’ve given me the chance to appear on the ballot in the fall
and I thank everyone who voted today for their commitment to a functioning
democracy. “Thanks to federal
judges tampering with North Carolina elections, this was an unusual year and an
unusual campaign. “But despite the challenges we faced, my
campaign’s volunteers and staff and our friends and family never gave
up. They worked tirelessly to spread our message of conservative solutions
to the tough problems facing our nation which is why I’d like to express my
deepest gratitude to each of those who gave their time, energy and resources to
make this victory possible.”The fall election season will soon be upon
us and I look forward to continuing the fight for the sort of commonsense
conservative solutions that will protect the unborn, reduce taxes, shrink the
federal government and preserve our national security. “It’s a real privilege to represent the
people of northwest North Carolina. I promise to work hard both to represent
them well and to uphold and defend our Constitution.”Foxx will face Democrat Josh Brannon in the November general election.