LANE: The last straw

The North State Journal | Madeline Gray

Being concerned about the privacy and safety of women and children is NOT discrimination — it is common sense! That some Democrats would pretend otherwise merely reveals the extent of their depravity and exposes their reliance on a dishonest “news” media to fool the public. It tells us just how desperate they are for votes.There is discrimination in America today; discrimination against Christians, discrimination against our military and police officers, and discrimination against the unborn. That Democrats are the sponsors of the killing of 59 MILLION babies seems to escape notice of the pretend news media. There is also discrimination against facts which, unfortunately, too many of our “journalists” practice daily.Don’t try to tell us that preventing grown men from following little girls into the bathroom; that preventing men and boys from invading locker rooms and showers reserved for females is bias — we know better, so pander your perversion elsewhere or, better yet, encourage the Democrats to make that the theme of their election campaign. I dare them! Our wives and daughters are NOT FOR SALE!John E. LaneCharlotte