Spring High Notes

at the High Point Market

Catherine Nguyen

After attending the High Point Market this spring I left full of fresh and inspirational ideas for design. The design concept that stood out the most for me was the use of big contemporary wall art. Everywhere I looked, I saw original and printed art on display.Art continues to play a huge role in personalizing the design of your home. The paintings displayed were either a soft neutral palette of color or a bold dramatic visual feast. The use of the large art on an accent wall surrounded by neutral furnishings continues to be on trend.Your neutral palette of furnishings can be textural in nature, thus adding dimension to your room. Accessorizing your room with colorful patterned or geometric pillows and unique tabletop decor can also tie the painting into the color story. Last but not least, your room needs the finishing touch of glamour whether it is in your electrified lighting or by candlelight.My favorite lighting piece in my own store is a brass wired pendant light for over your island or a small kitchen table. Don’t be afraid to mix metals for a finished look that feels both sexy and sophisticated.