Echelman aerial sculpture exhibit to open in Greensboro

The "Weaving Wonder with Historical Threads" exhibit at the Greensboro Historical Museum. Photo courtesy City of Greensboro.

An ever-changing, 90-foot-by-70-foot aerial sculpture is scheduled to open in Greensboro, next to the Greensboro Historical Museum this summer. Janet Echelman is the artist creating the sculpture titled “Weaving Wonder with Historical Threads: Janet Echelman’s Aerial Sculpture at LeBauer Park.” Echelman studied the textile and railroad history of the Triad city interweaving those threads into the living, breathing public art display that will grace the new Carolyn & Maurice LeBauer Park also scheduled to open this summerAccording to Museum Director Carol Ghiorsi Hart, many Greensboro volunteers are responsible for working to bring the massive aerial artwork, inspired by the “threads of local history” project to fruition. The working models already on display at the Historical Museum explore the ways local history can inspire art and its audience, including local public art.Starting Saturday, visitors can interact with art at the exhibit, where they will be able to play with ideas of history and art and “weave their own wonder.” Included in the exhibit are an interactive map kiosk of Greensboro public art and a station where visitors can create their own “Ah-Ha!” moment inspired by Greensboro’s history.The exhibition is supported by grants from the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro and will remain open through Sept. 11, 2016.